Based in Charlotte, NC, USA 
Available for Virtual Meetings

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Educational Consulting for Academic Transitions.

Gap Year Consulting. School Placement.

Educational Consulting

Welcome to realiteach.  
We help you navigate educational decisions and academic transitions with ease.

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Exploring innovation in schools, career journeys and stories of the path less traveled.

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Bridge Year Advising

Trusted Guidance for the Path Less Traveled

We help high school graduates who want to put college on the back burner and grow through real-world experiences. Our unique mentoring approach balances structure and independence by combining experiential learning with mentoring centered on wellness and life skills.

School Search Consulting

Expert Guidance for Your Child's Education

In a world that is changing everyday, so are schools.  From traditional to progressive pedagogy, we will equip you with the knowledge you need to go forward with confidence in educational decisions for your child. 

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Based in Charlotte, NC, USA 
Available for Virtual Meetings