Based in Charlotte, NC, USA 
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Educational Consulting for Academic Transitions.

Gap Year Consulting. School Placement.

K-12 School Search


We begin with an interview to talk about your child's needs and educational background.  We conduct research on your behalf and guide you toward best-fit school recommendations based on your goals and concerns.  Price varies based on number of children.  


This service is ideal for:  

New Parents Who Want to Learn About Education Options

Families Relocating Nationwide

Families Relocating Internationally

Number of Children
  • Introductory Call

    Before purchasing our services, we ask that you schedule a free introductory call so that we can assess fitness of our services to your needs. 

  • Best-Fit Policy

    We never receive commissions from academic institutions, third-party affiliates, or program providers for referrals. Our work with every family and every student is unique and focused on best fit for the individual. 

  • Payment and Refund Policy

    We kindly request that payment be made in full before services begin.  Special payment arrangements are considered on a case-by-case basis. Once the initial retainer is surpassed, additional hours incur the hourly charge of $125/hr, or, a new estimate for additional services or package can be requested.  In these cases, clients will always be notified to get approval for additional services. We do not offer refunds on work that has already begun, but will ensure that we accommodate and work with you on any unique situation that may arise.